Welcome, Recently I’ve been having a little detox and taking a little time to evaluate and reflect on what I really love to do. Anyone who follows my blog apantrylife knows that I have a love for cooking and especially baking. However this is only a portion of my interests and as I like to describe myself, only one layer of my onion self. I have spent some time detoxing from social media and used the time I usually dedicated to mindlessly scrolling through my feed to listen to some audio books instead. One in particular seemed to resin ate with me at this particular time and it was called Your dream life starts here by Kristina Karlsson. It sparked my imagination into what my dream life looked like and I realised that largely I was already doing lots of it. However my areas of depletion were around creativity. I sat down and thought what I really enjoy doing and what I don’t. One thing that continuously comes around for me that sparks joy is blogging. This was an unusual find for me as I wouldn’t consider myself a great writer or speller. I have terrible use of grammar and don’t read many books. I wouldn’t have really classed blogging as a creative hobby as such before, and yet now I realise of course it is. What I love is telling the story through my blogs as well as taking and sourcing photographs, I find it very inspirational and so that is how I arrive here at this new blog of mine. One thing that can sometimes deplete my energy is social media. I’m not against it, however for me I find it far more restrictive and less soul nourishing than my blogs. I also find them very addictive and can get lost for hours scrolling through gorgeous feeds only to find hours later that I havn’t got anything done. These being the main reasons I will only be using them in moderation. This is where I will be hanging out, so please pop your comments on the blog post below as I’d love to read them.

I have recently been inspired by Alexandra Franzen who reiterated all of this for me. Alexandra is very inspirational and I’m truely thankful for you reawakening something that I already knew, yet seemed to have forgotten. Your wise words have been very welcoming and comforting in making this more mindful approach to social media that I will feel far more comfortable with.

So with all this new-found wisdom, I was mulling over and over and over about what the name should be. I wanted it to include the word life but kept going round and round in circles trying to come up with a name I was happy with. One evening I sat for hours just reading inspirational quotes until eventually my eyelids dropped, and I was ready for bed. The following day was a gloriously sunny day. My Mum and father-in-law visited for lunch. During conversation, he said to me “well you are just too busy celebrating life” it triggered something in my brain, and so I consciously thought I will remember that and come back to it later. Later that evening I continued with my search yet again. I ended up back down the rabbit hole until I came to the word hygge. I’d been here before, days ago only this time I started looking into similar words. Then all of a sudden I found these 3 words Sisu, Lagom and Fika, and they hit me like a tonne of bricks. These words incorporated all the thoughts and emotions and were representative of my personality for this blog. I knew I’d found my name.

SISU – extraordinary determination and courage where success is unlikely, gritty bravery against the odds, deciding on a course of action and continuing even if repeated failures ensue.

LAGOM – the principle of living a balanced, moderately paced, low-fuss life, just the right balance, not too much and not too little, done in comfortable moderation.

FIKA – a daytime break when people drink coffee, eat cakes or something sweet, relax with others, and put aside some quality time.

Logo design – I designed the logo to be representative of nature. I chose the holly to start with, with it’s spikey texture and appearance this represented Sisu for me. I then followed on with some softer foliage to represent the balance of Lagom and of course a coffee cup for Fika. I spent quite some time thinking about a colour palette but in the end I decided upon black and white. The reason being that colour can spark so many varied emotions and feelings and if I were to use a colour it may not always be representative of the emotion I’m trying to convey at that time. It also allows you as the reader to fill in your own colour with however you resin ate with the posts. You can create your own vibe, spark your own emotion and create your own colourful life!

I thank you wholeheartedly for joining me and I hope you enjoy.

Zoe Lou


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