Tall Buildings

Photo credit Alex wong @killerfvith

I was recently introduced to this song originally sung by John Hartford and later performed by Max Gomez it has totally resonated with my soul. It makes me appreciate the simpler life choices I have chosen and sums up all the reasons why I wanted to do it. Sometimes in this fast paced world of more is more you can feel a little like a fish out of water. However this song has given me comfort and reflection of the things that I hold true and dear to me. The importance of living your best life, all of the time, enjoying and appreciating and living in the present.

The song tells the story of a man going to work each day on the subway where he spends his waking hours working alongside many others, working in tall buildings. Whilst he dedicates his life to this action, he misses out on the simple pleasures of the world that we not only take for granted but can easily forget to prioritse. The sunshine, flowers and quality time spent with others. These things not only nourish our soul but are some of the fundimental ingredients that make us human.

My favourite line is “I wonder what happened betwixt and between, when I went to work in tall buildings”

This line sums it all up for me really – hench I continue to find my Lagom throughout my life rather than saving it all until the latter.

I didn’t want to link the video in my blog without the artist’s permission but you can find this beautiful song with a quick you tube search of…Max Gomex Tall buildings.

Warmest wishes and sunshine to you all

Zoe Lou

P.S. Update.

I have received such lovely message to say they have seeked out and found Max’s version of Tall buildings on You tube and have really enjoyed this song. I t has provoked much thought and feeling. So thank you to each and everyone of you for getting in touch and also to Max for singing this heart felt song for us.


  1. Listened. And yes thought provoking- do we need to wait until retirement to enjoy life ! I saw a comment recently “Find something you love to do , so that you don’t need a vacation from it !”
    Soul nourishment is a beautiful phrase .
    Thank you Zoe

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    1. Hi Libby, so pleased you had a listen. It really is such a beautiful song, I love how these kinds of songs challenge my thoughts. I absoluetly agree if you do something you love, it wont feel like work. Try to make your whole life your dream! Hope your well Libby. Thank you so much for joining me here on my blog it means such a lot. Sending you so much love right to the other side of the globe xx

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