Recipe Printables Designed By Me With Love

Photo credit Sisulagomfika

One thing I really love to do with my time is cook and bake. I find it so therapeutic, the relaxation of working with ingredients that all harmonise together to create a delicious dish or bake. I find it quite magical that starting with only a few ingredients combined in a certain way, you end up with something different yet complete. I love collecting recipes from people along with recipes from books and the internet. The problem with getting them off the internet is that if I really like them I can never find them again to recreate it, my bookmark tab would be endless.

Do you do this?

Recently I bought myself an A5 ring binder and designed some recipe inserts that are prettier than just printing off the recipe. I have printed a batch of these blank recipe inserts and then if I find a recipe that has really worked for me I can quickly and easily scribble it down and keep it in my ring binder all together in one place. This works so well for me rather than having endless bits of tatty paper stuffed into my bookcase. It really is rather nice having them all together neatly and makes the process of finding them so much easier when I am ready to cook.

I have shown my binder to a few friends now who have all loved the idea and have said how much they think others would love my printables to. So I am creating them piece by piece and placing them onto my store in case any of you would also like to create your own binder to. I am going to be adding a variety of genres over the course of time to my binder and will share them with you here.

This is the first of the collection based upon my logo design of a mixture of nature and cooking/baking where I find my greatest lagaom.

Happy Creating

Zoe Lou

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