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Recently I saw a video about why a lady cut up a lemon and placed it by her bed each night. I was totally drawn in and down the internet rabbit hole I dived and after much lemony reading I came back out knowing that lemons are absolutely wonderful things. I knew they had high vitamin c so are brilliant for you internally by helping the body to resist infections and heal wounds. However I didn’t really realise some of the other wellness benefits they have. I love learning about the way our brain functions. I learnt that the smell of lemons triggers endorphins in our brain resulting in us feeling happier. If you pop some lemon juice into your hot or cold water and ingest, it reduces tiredness and stress levels and has been proven to increase concentration and productivity levels.

Drinking lemon water

I have been popping a slice in to my hot water each morning and instantly I noticed that my skin broke out which is a sign that the body is getting rid of impurities. I’m hoping it will follow with the glowing skin next. I do think it has lifted me though ill keep drinking it to find out if my concentration and focus increases.

In and around the home

Although everything is not natural I have changed everything I possibly can in and around the home to a lemon scent, I’m definitely in a better mood when cleaning the bathroom now!

I purchased an essential oil diffuser with some Neal’s Yard lemon essential oil puffing away which is making each and every room smell wonderful. I loved it so much I now have a mini diffuser in the car, which makes for a cheerful drive.

I was so fascinated to find this out and have had fun experimenting with it. I am sure this is only a minute delve into the wonderness of lemons, and I am certain I have lots more to learn.

Do any of you drink lemon water?

Wishing you a glorious day,

Zoe Lou


  1. Good morning Zoe.
    Wow, I knew lemons were helpful to reduce cold symptoms.
    What alot of other properties they have.
    Maybe I should try, I presume fresh are best.


    1. Hi, yes I was facinated with my findings out! I am using fresh lemons but I will use lemon oil in the diffuser. This is made from from fresh lemon peel. Give them a whirl and see how you get on xx


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