Creating Space – 14 Day Declutter Challenge

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Some years back I decided that a change was in order. I had always been a hoarder and owned way too many things. However with the decision to downsize it was vital to get rid of some of these belongings. A friend introduced me to a minimalist blog which I really started to enjoy. The concept of living with less was appealing to me. Most people aspire to the more, however I was actively looking for the less. One day I stumbled upon the 30-Day Minimalism Game by the minimalists. The idea being you get rid of one item on day one, 2 items on day 2, 3 items on day 3 etc all the way to day 30. It sounds quite extreme when you first think about it, and to be honet it is but I found the whole process theraputic and cleansing. This is how it went. . .

I started off well for the first week with bits of junk lying in draws etc, easy peasy right. Then I started to catagorise areas leaving the harder items such as sentimental or for me books untl a little later in the challenge. The reason being was so that I could learn how to throw things away. A rule I made myself was to use black bin bags so that once the items had been disgarded you couln’t see trough the bag and get the urge to get the item back out again. Once the decision had been made to put it into the bag into the depths of th dark hole it stayed, until it reached its new destination of either the tip or charity. Over the process of the challenge I learnt a lot about myself. I had a lot of aspirational clutter, things that in my mind made me the person I was and things I thought I did (but clearly didn’t) or things I thought I was going to do (but clearly was never going to do). For example I had a pasta machine, in my mind I was a pasta making godess making and filling ravilooi shells on a saturday afternoon with jazz playing on the radio ready for our tea. No this was most definetrly not the case, the reality was I bought my pasta for pence at the supermarket on my food shop like the majotity of people. Hence the pasta machine had to go. I also went through a stage feeling very frustrated with all the wrong decisions Id made, the overwhelming volme of stuff that seemed to own me and to which was now taking away even more of my valuable time sorting and getting rid of, as well as the both the finacial waste and also time spent earning the money tp buy the junk in the first place. Honestly it was a whirlwind and emotionally quite draining at times however the process taught me a lot about myself. What I like, what I didn’t like, what I wanted my life to be like and what to let go of. This last one was not only in a physical sense but in an emotional way to, letting go places, people, thoughts and idealistics about myslf that were holding me back.

After doing the challenge, I was able to sucessfully downsize, freeing up my space and some of my time, I had less stuff to worry about and to clean. It has made me make better purchase decisions. I no longer find shopping pleasurable as I just think where will I put that? or thats something else to clean or keep moving around. I now enjoy experiences over stuff, creating memories that will fill your heart, not your cupboards.

Sustaing this idealistic way of life is ongoing and I am only human afterall. Sometimes I am on top form and mindful whilst other times I am not and am mindless. Times like these stuffocaion eventually occurs and its declutter time again. Im not very good at the one in one out method, instead I like to do a mini challenge for 14 days whenever I feel is necessary where I get rid of 2 items each day (however you can set your own amount that suits you). I find that this doesn’t take up lots of time, energy or emotion and you can just cary on with your day living your best life but knowing that at the end of the challenge you have lightened your load by 28 items. Im feeling like a 14 day challenge is about to occur as the seasons have just changed and I always get the urge to do it then.

If you want to complete this challenge to, you can stay on track with the printable tracker that I designed and use.

You can find it here…

Wishing you Clarity

Zoe Lou



  1. Very thoughtful and enjoyable post. I think we are all guilty of these things-I know I am! It’s brave a thing to do, to let go of things and forgive yourself.

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    1. Hi Toni, thank you so much for youe lovely comment on my creating space post. Yes it is an ongoing process but one that is much more managable nowadays. It is true though one of the kindest things we can do is to forgive ourselves, not judge but just learn from the process and the journey in our own personal way.


  2. Very challenging Zoe . I have been through a number of decluttering times due to downsizing , but know I still have quite a way to go . Perhaps I will never be a minimalist, but there is certainly room for more sorting & letting go !

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    1. Hi Libby, it is definetly an ongoing lifestyle choice and I to am definetly not a minimilist. I am just a little more mindful nowadays than I used to be and once stuffoctaion occurs I go into full declutter mode. It is such a freeing feeling to let it go. It also creates space which I am also guilty of refilling but with things that create new memories and joy that suit where I am in life now rather than holding on to so much stuff that doesn’t serve me anymore from the past. Wishing you a freeing declutter Libby.

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