Mindless or Mindful Eating

Photo credit Zoe

This week I am starting a week of mindfulness eating.

I love mindfullness and do regularly practice it, however some weeks are more toxic than others and when this happens I need to refocus and get back on track again.

There are so many avenues of everyday life that can be explored through mindfulness which I will write about in my future blog posts. This week however I am focusing on mindless / mindful eating.

This process will put into place two simple mindfulness eating activities which will include preparation and eating.

  • Preparation – Being present to my surroundings. It can be so easy to take your surroundings for granted. The same house, kitchen, tools and equipment can make me act on auto pilot without even noticing the subtle differences and simple wonders of each day.

How I will do this- I will be more present to my surroundings by being aware of how my body feels whilst standing to cook, feeling my weight and connection to the floor.. I will be aware of the colours, textures, smells, sounds and feeling of preparing the ingredients for the meal, for example chopping up the vegetables, the feel of the saucepans and stirring of the food, the heat of the cooker, the smell from the bubbling pans.

I will then focus on

  • Mindful eating. Tasting my food and drink – It sounds silly doesn’t it, but we rarely really taste our food and drink, shoveling each mouthful in whilst answering an e-mail or hoovering up. This week I will pay closer attention to my food and drink. I will do this by looking at the colours, shapes, textures and being aware of the smell before eating or drinking. Then upon eating or drinking be aware of the heat, texture, sound and most importantly taste,. When you do this it really is like eating for the first time.

Example – This morning I made a cup of Irish cream flavoured coffee (non-alcoholic). I drank half of it unaware. Then I stopped and realised half the cup had disappeared whilst scrolling the internet. I stopped bringing my awareness to what I was doing, refocused. I then sat and smelt, looked and then tasted my cup of coffee again, this time with increased awareness. I realised how creamy the coffee was and the subtle aftertaste of the Irish cream flavouring, the temperature was warm liquid with a contrasting cooler layer of froth on the top, which bubbles softly popped as the cup was tilted to drink. I noticed to how I took more time to drink the coffee when I was aware of it. Over all a much nicer start to the morning.

Have you tried mindful eating? If not and your inspired to do so by this post, let me know how you get on in the comments below.

Happy Mindfulness

Zoe Lou


  1. Interesting post-sometimes cooking and eating can feel like another job that needs to get done; so it sounds like a good idea to take a step back and appreciate them both.

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    1. That is so true Toni. It’s nice to taste what you have cooked after putting in the time to cook it. It has been a good experience so far! It makes me realise sometimes how disconnected I am from my senses, but it is so enjoyable reconnecting with them again.


    1. Hi Libby, thank you for your lovely comment. I do to Libby, but at least being aware of that is somewhat of a huge step. This week has been so enjoyable rexploring this concept and tasting some scumptious meals again (some more than others). I hope your well, much love around the globe x

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