Kitchen Organisation – kitchen labels to organise your cupboards

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. My 14 day declutter challenge turned into a bit of a home overhaul, resulting in every room being cleansed and organised, which has resulted in a bit of a delay writing this post. However I have now lightened my load and am ready to re-commit to my blog.

This month so far my kitchen has been treated to some new pantry labels. I designed these kitchen labels to organise my cupboards in my kitchen. The jars included a floral design that makes opening my cupboards a joy. I use clear glass jars for all of my ingredients and this system helps me to keep organised as it helps with re-stocking at a super quick glance.

These labels have proved popular this month in my shop and you have been printing them on to clear printer sticker paper to adorn your jars at home to. So a huge thank you to you all for your support. I hope that your kitchen organisation has been joyful to.

Photo credit Sisulagomfika

After a few weeks of decluttering I have reminded myself of the importance of space within the home, not only does this make my life easier when finding things, it saves time and it also helps to speed up completing household chores, as less stuff equals less things to clean, maintain and be the guardian for. It reinstalls the importance of considering purchases and the importance of experiences and people over stuff.

Above allthough the space in which you live becomes more calmer as you have space to breath, allowing for more peace and clarity. Yet at the same time it becomes more alive as you have more room to move, think, let creativity flow, dance around with the hoover to your hearts content and having family and friends over to visit. It helps to improve our wellbeing in many ways and makes our homes and us more joyful to.

Sending you all the very best of wishes,

Zoe Lou

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