Christmas Crafts No Sew Fabric Fircone Tree Decorations

Photo credit – Sisulagomfika

Hello everyone,

Each year over the festive season I always enjoy some Christmas crafting. It is a standing joke in my family that needle and thread gives me heart palpitations, luckily for me these fabric fircones are no sew project so they were right up my street.

To make these tree decorations I cut out…

For the smaller cone – 60-70 squares of festive fabric. Size 1.5 inch square

For the larger cone – 90-100 squares of festive fabric. Size 2 inch square

I then got a polystyrene cone and took one square of fabric which I attached at the bottom using x1 pin in the centre and x4 pins one in each corner (once the cone is completed I remove the central pin)

I then took a fabric square and folded in half and half again

I then placed this onto my polystyrene cone starting at the bottom with the neatest point pointing downwards and so that the more open fabric side of the square when folded is on the left. I attached it using x2 pins one on each side

I continued with this same technique overlapping the fabric until I reached the top

I then took a square and folded the edges under all the way around and attached this sqaure using x4 pins to the top of my cone. I then attached a ribbon using the pins to secure and use this as a handing for on the tree

What Christmas crafts have you been up to this year?

Christmas wishes

Zoe Lou

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