Make It Me – Max Gomez

Photo credit Marlon Reyes

I read somewhere once that you are what you listen to…

It was only last year that I was introduced to Max Gomez through Guitar Teacher REACTS. From there the first song I properly listened to was Tall Buildings, I recently wrote a post about this song as it totally resonated with me and was strangely the words I needed to hear at the time. It sparked off my creativity again, something I had been searching for, lost somewhere inside for a while. It also made me find some inner peace and clarity about the path I had chosen in life, and for that I am truly thankful to him. From that point on wards I have become to listen to Max’s music everyday, it’s like a comfort blanket and I find the life of a musician very inspirational, the same as any artist following their passion and dream to do what they love in life.

The next song of Max’s that I fell in love with was “Make It Me” The melody is so beautiful, played on a old vintage 1950’s guitar the video is shot in Max’s home town in Taos New Mexico, which looks to have the most magnificent scenery and connection to nature. My favourite line from the song is “I wish we’d stayed together through the rain and the wind and the snow. Real snow not the movie kind” For me this was the heart revealed, taking on a person and riding lifes waves through the tougher times to, the reality, the nitty gritty and the love. In a live version, I saw max playing the harmonica to this song which gave it yet another level of purity, rawness and open- heartedness. There is no doubt that Max is a great song writer and I’d love to have a go at recording this song. Maybe a creative project I could do as I used to sing a lot in choirs at school and then at local jam nights throughout my 20s. I love all of Max’s songs for varying reasons, but if you like his video below I would also recommend “What It Means” this song has beautiful Lyrics and “Black and White” this ones a bit different in style and a great one I can belt my lungs out to!

I would love it if Max made a really raw album of his songs, played acoustically with his band with the gorgeous folk instruments. As if you were just sitting in the corner of the (not so smokey bar) with the scent of beer, rhythm and good time on the air.

I did contact Max to ask his permission to link his video here on my blog for you to enjoy to which he very kindly agreed to let me do, so without further ado it is my greatest pleasure to present to you Max Gomez with Make it Me…


Zoe Lou

Link to Tall Buildings blog post…

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