The Christmas Cling On

Photo credit Katie Azi

So my friends call me a festive cling on and I have to say it is probably true. Not the weekend just gone but the one before I invited my family round for cherry brandy hot chocolate and festive tunes and cheer, just one last day before the decorations come down. So I shamelessly got stuck into my oven gloves and baked some mince pie brownies (because my menu wasn’t already chocolatey enough). It had been a while since I’ve done any baking and this is one of my most loved hobbies. I switched on the oven to preheat and started the rhythmic process of beating together eggs and sugar followed by melting chocolate over a bowl of simmering water. As soon as the heady chocolate scent hit my senses I felt myself instantly relax. It was a really noticeable feeling and one I have never noticed before. Maybe it was because I usually bake regularly so having this time period in between this bake made me notice it, or maybe I was just a little more in tune with myself this particular day. I was definetly baking with more mindfulness and either way I was grateful for it. Cooking and baking is a wonderful creative source, it can help your mind to reach a flow state. Focusing on the actions, sights, smells and sounds it can help prevent our minds from wondering off to the everyday trials and tribulations. I also like that it is sprinkled with a little magic, a few basic ingredients are magnificently transformed into an indulgent treat.

Until next years festivities

Zoe Lou

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