Be Calm Inbox

Photo credit Christopher Sardenga

Hello Everyone,

this January one thing that has really been bought to my minds eye is how each and every day my inbox is bombarded with E-mails! Usually I do the daily process of mindlessly deleting all the irrelevant stuff thats accumulated in my inbox each and everyday. I have been doing this with little thought to whether I need them and to the actual process of me sitting and deleting all of these each day. As my awareness of this has now heightening, this month I have decided that some inbox action is needed.

So what have I done and has it worked?

Now each day as I open my inbox, I have been spending a little time to scroll down and hit that unsubscribe button. I have done this with E-mails that don’t bring me joy or apply to my life. In just a little over 2 weeks of doing this I have reduced the number of emails in my inbox by 2/3. I am continuing to do this process each day as once you have done the first main bulk of unsubscribing the process then becomes super quick (today I have only unsubscribed from 2).

This has been such an insightful process as I am now exposed to the good stuff in my inbox. For example, blogs I have subscribed to, companies I love and most importantly family and friends E-mails. It has also helped to reduce that little bit of stress and anxiety that comes when you go to open up your inbox and then continue on to find the number of them quite overwhelming. It feels quite negative and it’s also something else to do. This time spent sifting through them all can be mentally exhausting, boring and is definitely unfulfilling. This time I feel is definitely better spent somewhere else doing something that feels more positive and purposeful. My inbox now feels a place of calm, joy and clarity. And takes only a fraction of the time to check now. Much better!

Whether yours is jam packed or not this is still an excellent process to delete any E-mails that are no longer serving you. To a calmer inbox and a bit more you time.


Zoe Lou

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