Looking Back

Photo credit Jonny Gios

I was recently having a good natter to a lovely Gentleman called Graham. We share a love of the hills and mountains and for me not visiting these are the thing I have most missed during the pandemic. I have known Graham for a few years, but have only recently discovered that he has a love of writing poems. He told me a poem called “Looking Back” and I was instantly drawn in by the words and warmth of the poem. It shows a love of the land and for his wife who he treks with. This poem was written about the Lake District in Great Britain and I asked Graham if he had ever visited Beatrix Potters house whilst on his travels there, to which he said he had not. This was really interesting to me as when I visited a few years back there is a quote above her bed which tells of a very similar story. The Lake District is an area of natural beauty and obviously engrains a lasting impact on anyones minds who walk its hills and mountains. It definitely holds a special place in my heart.

Graham has kindly given me permission to share his poem with you. I hope you Enjoy it.

Thank you Graham

Zoe Lou


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