First Daffodils & How To Make Simple Bird Feeders

Photo Credit Annie Spratt

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well. I have been quiet of late engaging in Mother Nature for company I have been popping on my back pack and engulfing myself in her world. I have really enjoyed packing up some picnics and heading out in my duffle coat, warm coffee at hand (sticky toffee flavour courtasy of my bestie) and the sound of bird song is a glorious way to spend a day. The weather here in the UK has been windy and wet as of late, however these past couple of weeks have had pockets of the most amazing sunshine. I love the winter sun, the trees are bare, the chill is on the breeze, yet the winter sun beams down on you giving you energy, vitality and life. Whilst out and about I have seen the most spectacular snowdrops that have lined our woodlands this year. We seem to have had more than ever, and they are a welcome sign of the nearing spring. This week I was so excited to see that the miniature daffs are in bloom. I am a spring baby so daffs are my all time favourite flower. Their bright yellow and joyful nature brings a smile to my face each and every year. I just adore them.

I also got outside with my mixing bowl and wooden spoon this week, not to whisk up a cake like I usually would but to make some bird feeders. I mixed up some lard softening it with the spoon then sprinkled in some suet, porridge oats and bird seed to combine and squished it all together to form a ball. I then dotted them around the tress. It’s given the birds a helping hand in this more barren month, and they seem to have enjoyed them.

Upon my return I’ve been enjoying copious amounts of turmeric tea, whilst my playlist has comprised of some superb mindfulness audio books along with a bit of boogying whilst cooking tea to Max Gomez, Ed Sheeran… and a bit of A Day To Remember, for those moments when I truely need to let my hair down… no matter how peaceful my day out walking you can’t take the rock out the girl.

Natures Blessings,

Zoe Lou


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