Look Closer

Photo Credit Dennis Klicker

I had a fabulous walk this week through a beautiful park. The air was crisp and the sun when I started was only just poking through the trees. To keep me warm woolly hat and coffee in hand and off I went loosing myself for a good 3 hours looking at natures wonders. The flowering daffodils in an array of colours, the majority still yet to bud so another treat still to behold, the babbling river, the wildlife, the fabulous natural art work created by inspiring hands, the friendly hello from people passing by… and then the cherry blossom trees. Aren’t they fabulous! I saw white ones and pink ones, both absolutely stunning, but it’s the pale pink I just adore againt a baby blue sky. It reminds me of my teenage self, of over exaggerated eyeshadow and of those blue and pink fizzy bubblegum bottle sweets that set your teeth on edge. I am an absolute sucker for this colour combination.

This one pink tree in particular was calling me not to look from a distance but it was luring me in with its charm to take a closer look. I kept trying to walk past it but then with 2 steps forward and then no, definitely a fair few back (it was worth it) I turned around to take a closer look. When I arrived underneath its beautiful canopy of floral wonder, I was greeted by a bee collecting the juicy pollen for its colony. The leaves and petals of the blossom are so detailed and so remarkably created sheer mother natures perfection. It captivated me and encased me in its detailed magical world for some time, Sheer bliss.

Here’s to looking closer,

Zoe Lou

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