Bloom Where You Are Planted

Photo Credit Paula Brustur

A warm welcome everyone,

Bloom where your planted is a well-known quote said by the Bishop of Geneva, Saint Francis de Sales (1567–1622). Interesting hey? I stumbled across this photograph and it set my brain in motion. A definate minfulness quote.

In such a fast paced world with so much external noise and influence it can be all to easy to lose ones self. We are bombarded from every angle of picture perfect images and feel like absolutely everyone around us is having an incredible life, great holidays, days out, perfect restaurants, meals, clothes, hair and make up. The latest shoes, gadgets and not to mention the perfect family, friends and pets. To make matters worse we are absorbing all of this whist sitting at home in or pajamas, eating last nights tea reheated in the microwave, endlessly and mindlessly scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. Looking, reading and mostly filling up our heads valuable hard drive space with it all. We become totally at its mercy as we slowly loose ourselves down the bag of crisps that you didn’t even realise you’d gone to the cupboard and got, then sat back down again and opened. Now making your way to the bottom, to the pit of self despair, self-doubt, throw in some more pity and then a bit of lack of confidence and boom we have reached the destination.

When I saw this photograph I absolutely fell in love with the quote “Bloom where your planted” To me presently it represents life, growth and colour to. A quote that allows you to be yourself, to follow your own hearts desires and path. A quote of self kindness and care. A quote of a calmer pace of life. A quote that allows us to gently radiate out to those who see us, to bring joy and to find simple pockets of happiness in each and every day. I promise there will be something no matter how small or insignificant it may seem in the moment. From smelling that coffee first thing in the morning, to seeing a bird sit by your window, to finding that book you were after in the local book exchange, to donating something to charity, to receiving a smile from that passer by, to actually sitting and watching the sunset, to seeing a shooting star, to getting that 8 hours sleep you always only promise yourself.

Just as a bulb begins to grow, allow your self time, space, fresh air, sunlight, rain, water and good food. Nourish and nurture. Like a flower in bloom see the worlds wonders, smell the fresh air, see the colours that surround you, hear the bird song, look at the world sometimes from a distance, then spend some time with your neighboring blooms. Most importantly but probably one of the harderst is to let yourself naturally rest and fully recharge with out any distraction, just be.

If you could be a bloom which one would you be? I would most definetly be a daffodil.

From one bloom to another

Zoe Lou

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