Looking Up

Photo Credit Paul Rysz

One of my all time favourite places is Scotland. The first time I visited I remember driving into a valley with mountains waiting to greet me at both sides. It was the first time I truly experienced a sense of becoming totally engulfed by the earth, I know there are plenty of taller mountains in the world, one of which I visited in Germany whose access to the summat was via a ski lift. However this particular experience was very different as I think the sheer scale of the terrain hit me driving at what seemed liked the roots of those mountains, right at their base and then looking up just made me feel absolutely insignificant.

I’m a huge fan of looking up, as we seem to spend such a large proportion of our lives looking down. Now more than ever we spend huge amounts of time staring into the screen of a phone or tablet with little purpose, clarity and awarness. And although air travel is a remarkable creation of technology, that I have had the priviledge on a couple of occasions to experience with the fluffy white clouds and view of the world from above. I just can’t help loving looking up more.

Looking up to me means seeing the sun rise, the emotions of the clouds, the season of the tress, the birds, the sunset, the bats, the stars, the shooting stars, the planets. The everyday that is so extraodinary. Switching off, regaining balance and restoring.

Zoe Lou x


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