Sunshine Pathways

Photo Credit Greg Rosenke

I had the most glorious weekend spent with family and friends. The sun was blazing in the sky and we spent the day typically British by drinking copious amounts of cups of tea in china teacups until late afternoon. That evening just as I was falling asleep I experienced a level of emotion in my body that I had not recognised before. It was calmer than excitement (I get excited about absolutely everything) so this heightened, manic, bubbly type of emotion is something I experience on a pretty regular basis (I mean I was ecstatic to find out that Dolly Parton will feature in this season of Grace and Frankie) However this one was more of pure contentment, relaxation and peace. Attached to it was a hum of happiness that I could feel flowing throughout my body.

Sometimes I wish I could bottle up my emotions. Not in a none talking or keeping things inside kind of way, but that of a little old-fashioned medicinal style bottle that you could sip from anytime you wanted to revisit feeling a certain way. Of course, I know that’s not possible. Life’s journey needs us to experience a full range of emotions and from these experiences we can distinguish what works for us and what doesn’t.

However what I can do is take note, and recognise when these occurrences take place, bringing them into my awareness in order for my brain to process the experience and help make a stronger path way. This helps the process of deep semantic processing, a process that helps the brain to pop the information into the long term memory in order for future re-call, thus allowing me to get closer to this place again. It is almost like walking the same route over and over again. The first time you may get super duper lost, then the second time you walk the route you may take a few wrong turns, then the third time just a couple, and then eventually you can walk the route with fluidity and ease time and time again. as the brain has now deep processed that information.

Each of us experiences life in a very different way. Even if a group attended the same event, peoples outlooks of it will differ greatly, largely dependent on our ingrained belief systems. So this weekend my family and friends would have all taken home different aspects from the time spent together and for me I’m grateful for them for the love, joy and support they nourished me with, however one thing I can be almost certain about is that they all for sure we can all love a cup of tea!

Zoe Lou x

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