The Light Of Poi

Photo Credit Sisulagomfika (on a very old camera!)

One experience that has been a long engrained memory of mine is my road trip to Europe. It was over 2 decades ago, and I was fresh out of college, young and care free. With a car full of friends and a tent in the boot we made our way across the English Channel. During the trip we hit a lot of service stations along the way. It was a novelty paying for the loo at every stop, as this is not something that occurs as commonly here in the UK. I’ve also never smelt so good…being doused in perfume at each and every one! The heady scents took us up through France but the magic really hit me upon arriving into Germany. The roads were wide, the mountains were tall and the castles were like fairy wonderlands, with tall turrets and vegetation growing up the sides. We stopped off in little wooden cabins and ate great food. Then we camped. The area was enchanting and as dusk fell we found the most incredible lake. This is where my most memorable Poi session occurred. Poi for those who are unfamiliar with it is a process similar to say juggling whereby the balls are on the ends of string which you spin in patterns. My poi at the time was a set of stargazers which are led poi and creates wonderful streams of colour. Earphones in place with the backdrop of mother natures mountain terrain and a couple of boats for company it was a truly magical experience. As a youngster I fell in love with the artistry of Poi and love to see it performed at festivals. It takes dedication to perfect the moves and to create routines but if you ever get to watch a group spinning either forms of light (led or fire) take a moment to sit and absorb their beauty….

Those enchanting people colourful and bright,

Twirling and whirling light into the night,

A butterfly here,

A three beat weave over there,

Dancing and chanting into the night air.

For this I am grateful, Seeing you tonight,

Spending your time to make our night bright.

Love and Light

Zoe Lou x

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