It Makes Scents

Photo Credit Annie Spratt

So with todays post I’m starting off with a question for you…

What are your favourite scents?

Maybe it is a scent that reminds you of family holidays in the sun, or of the smell of freshly cut grass on your walk home from work, maybe it’s the smell of the beer trampled carpet in your local bar or the pages of the old books in your local library. Whatever your go to scents are, one thing that is remarkable about scent is its ability to link with our experiences and emotions.

When we smell, the scent hits our olfactory cells at the top of our noses, this in turn sends a message to the olfactory bulb in our brain in order for it to process this information. This makes scent very powerful due to this information being sent to the limbic system an area of the brain linked to emotion, and therefore it can either lead to a positive and negative response based upon our experiences and emotions regarding that particular scent.

I have an array of positive scent profiles that instantly transport me back to happy times shared with family of friends. Though not all conventional they were and some are continually my building blocks, making me who I am today. Some of these scents include: the smell of freshly brewed coffee, freshly baked bread, lavender, rosemary, roses, cinnamon, nag champa incense, woodlands, play dough, musty bars, angle grinding, my dogs paws as they smelt of biscuits.

Aromatherapy is another love of mine, this is very much based upon blending scents together in order to create harmony. A balanced blend of top, middle and base notes that will hopefully be pleasing to the nose. I love aromatherapy because it combines my interest in nature alongside mindfulness. As many of the blends I create could be used to aid mood and to work alongside creating a more balanced life.

Zoe Lou x

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