Awakeness Mindfulness Practice

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I’m often asked what is mindfulness and how do we become mindful. Mindfulness is simply being present in the moment. 

The world travels at a very fast pace these days. Were on constant call and surrounded by things to distract us at the very first instance of boredom. How many of us engage not only in distractions but in regular multiple distractions? For example as soon as the adverts start do you pick up your phone and scroll away as soon as the adverts start playing during a TV show? Or do you multi task whilst chatting to family and friends on the phone? It seems we find it extremely hard to switch off and to become present in the moment. 

So what can we do to implement realistic changes? 

Over the next 6 weeks I will share with you 6 simple mindfulness exercises that you can put into practice during that week, that if practiced on a regular basis as part of your everyday routine may help you to re balance, focus and calm the mind and body. By carrying out these exercises you may get a sense of awakening your sense of self and may start to actually experience experiences. If practiced regularly you will be creating new neurological pathways that over time will continue to strengthen and will become easier and more natural to conduct. 

So let’s get started today with week one’s exercise. 


This exercise will only take a small adjustment to your time during your morning routine but the benefits are so worth it. 

How to:

Set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier than you would usually get up. When you awake to the intrusive stark ringing use this time not to hit the snooze button but to continue lying down staying as relaxed as possible. As our minds awaken to the world It’s natural that the day ahead will start to greet you and want to make itself known in your mind. After all the washing needs doing, the kids need taking to school, the inbox is screaming at you for attention and what’s more your out of milk! However all these things will still be there waiting  to take you by the hand in 10 minutes time, previously you’d still be asleep right now paying them no attention at all, so if these thoughts creep in during this time ask them to kindly leave you be for the present moment and you’ll see them again very shortly.

What to do during this time. Awaken your senses and align your mind by focusing on just a couple of deep breaths. This Will relax you and help to ground the mind. Then pay attention to the feeling of the bed, notice your head snuggled into the pillow and the weight of the duvet keeping you warm. Now for the rest… just listen. Listen to the sound of your environment, the world all around you is adjusting to a new day. Listen to the bird song , the rustling of trees, the whirling wind, the patter of rain, the hum of traffic, the barking of dogs, the sound of aeroplanes flying high above, a train whizzing by., the next door neighbour cutting the grass. Whatever sounds you hear just let them in and let them be. The focus of this exercise is just to be present in the moment, taking it for what it is. Then be thankful for the experience and for the calmness it has allowed you start the day with. 

This tiny shift in calm awakening can have a huge benefit on our wellbeing. We will hopefully be able to start the day with much more clarity rather than panic-stricken chaos of flinging back the covers and hopping to the shower blurry eyed.

This experience for me feels very gentle. The world in the morning feels calm, still, slower and more at peace. It definitely sets me off to a calmer start. I hope it will set yours off to a calmer one to.

Zoe Lou x

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