Refreshingness Mindfulness Practice

Photo Credit: susan q yin

Hello and welcome to week 2’s mindful practice. . This weeks practice is designed to be added to last week’s awakeness practice, which I hope you have all felt some positive results from.

This week’s exercise is 


This technique will not impact on any additional time to your morning routine but rather combine an activity that you are already doing each day. It is interesting to see if by the end of the week you feel more present to this activity than at the start of the week. It always surprises me how I could do something for years and years yet for all that time I was never really present. 

How to:

Each morning when you go for your morning shower we mostly power through with a structured routine and a mind distracted by thoughts for the day. The mind can generally remember around x3 things at any one time, however we continue to bombard it with our thoughts and our to do list is ever more prominent in the morning. By the time we leave the shower we’ve really given our brains an unfair workout before we truly even begin to start the day. No wonder we head for the coffee next! This week we’re going to focus on mindful showers.

You can do this by observing:

  • The water temperature 
  • The feel of the water on your skin 
  • The smell of your shower gel and products 
  • The feel of the products and sponge on your skin
  • The general vibe of your mood and body 
  • Then turn off the shower and take a few deep breaths before getting ready.

This process is very calming and like a body scan during meditation this shower scan makes you present to how you are feeling. Over the week you’ll notice changes in your mood and body which is only natural, it’s just part of being a human. However this information can be vital in helping to start your day in a positive way. It may help you to may make better decisions and have more clarity and focus. Each morning look forwards to this time to enjoy the warmth and comfort of the shower. Use shower products that make you smile and enjoy the peace and process of being present. 

Addition (if you want to) Mini morning home spa: 

Some mornings I like to create a little home spa. It’s very quick and simple to do and can. E easily implemented into some of your morning showers . 

How to:

  • Run your flannel under warm water and squeeze out the excess water (my flannel has a little loop on which is useful to hook it up) 
  • Add 5-10 drops of essential oils to a flannel and place it on or hang it up somewhere where water will not hit it directly but where it will be in contact with the steam from the shower (I hang mine on a sticky shower hook next to the shower control unit) 
  • As the steam comes into contact with the flannel it releases its aromas and I then gain the benefits of the therapeutic properties of my chosen oil. 

Some great oils for positive morning vibes include: 

Lemon – uplift, focus, energy boosting and revitalise. This is my number one go to morning oil.

Basil for uplifting, improving concentration and clearing the mind.  

Bergamot – uplifting the mood and great for skin care.

Peppermint – for a refreshing morning uplift, improving concentration / focus and combating fatigue. 

Zoe Lou x

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Photo Credit: saymom leao – hanne hoogendam – no revisions

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