Tastefulness Mindfulness Practice

Photo Credit: sixteen miles out

Hello and welcome to week 3’s mindful practice. This weeks practice is designed to be added to the previous week’s mindfulness practices.

This week’s exercise is 


This is one of my faves….because I do love my mid-morning coffee. However if your not a coffee lover switch this exercise up for your favourite beverage at a time that suits you.

However hectic your schedule we all make time for some breaks throughout the day, and we all have a drink, to get the best from this practice I would urge you to stay off all forms of technology to become really present in the moment.

How to:

Each morning around 11am I enjoy my mid-morning coffee. Sometimes this joyous occasion would get wooshed away in around 4 mindless gulps whilst answering e-mails as well as trying to wipe the sides to catch up on my cleaning. Actually what was happening was little more was being realistically achieved, my stress levels increased, I was more exhausted and lifes little joys were lost. Sound familiar? Then take back and own your morning brew! I suggest the morning as it implements a calming presence to your morning break that a lot of us need. We are usually more alert in the mornings and this will continue to help keep us calm and implement more clarity into the rest of our day.

 How to:

  • 1 – It starts off with process of making your drink. Observe the sounds of the process from filling up the kettle to it boiling, watch the steam rise, feel the warmth in the air, feel and hear the pouring of the water, take a moment to inhale the wonderful aroma in the air (one of my joys is opening a fresh jar or packet of coffee and getting that first smell of a new blend), feel and hear the spoon stirring the liquid in the cup.
  • 2 – Once you have mindfully made your drink. Sit for a while to allow it to cool, observe the liquids colour and movement and use this cooling down time to relax for a moment.
  • 3 – When your drinks ready to be drunk observe the feel and weight of the cup, the smell before you drink, the heat of the liquid and the taste of the liquid. Really be present with this last one. Honestly it blew my mind, I couldn’t believe it was the same coffee!

Note: If you get take out coffee you can observe the surroundings of your local coffee shop as these usually look, sound and smell wonderful. You can then continue with exercises 2 and 3 in the same manner.

An extension to this would be your surroundings. If possible treat your drink to some nice surroundings and it will not only add an extra layer of tastefulness to your beverage but provide you with some beauty and calmness to you. Enjoy these moments, they are made for you.

Zoe Lou x

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