Thankfulness Mindfulness Practice

Photo Credit: benjamin-voros

Hello and welcome to week 6’s mindful practice. This weeks practice is designed to be added to the previous week’s mindfulness practices.

This week’s exercise is 


This technique will require a notepad and pen and around 5 minutes (or longer if you want to) at the end of your day. A good time usually to do this practice is just before going to bed and can therefore be linked in with last week’s restfulness practice. However adjust this time to whatever feels right for you.

How to:

The day is almost over and our brains have processed a lot of information. It is suggested that it is equivalent to watching 16 movies! To maintain wellbeing, positivity and good self-esteem it is important for us to sift through that information and find some daily positives. They can be very noticeable right to the simplest of everyday activities.

Ideas that may help you on the way :

  • Thankful for your body that has served you today
  • Thankful for that new shower gel that smelt so great this morning
  • Thankful for that supportive loving phone call from your family member
  • Thankful for that strangers smile
  • Thankful for your colleague helping with the photocopier today
  • Thankful for that cuppa and chat with your friend after work
  • Thankful for your babies smile that brings you so much joy
  • Thankful for your dog greeting you with bounding joy as you walk through the door
  • Thankful for that kind person letting you in front of them in the supermarket que
  • Thankful for that funny movie you watched that uplifted you
  • Thankful for that 10 minute of meditation for relaxation
  • Thankful that the sun was shining today
  • Thankful for the gorgeous sunset you observed this evening

How to:

  • At the end of the day sit and reflect on all the positive things that have happened during that day that you are thankful for. This day is unique to you and so are your gratitude’s.
  • In your notebook write down 3-5 of the things you are most thankful for.
  • Continue to do this each evening.

This practice of gratitude helps to maintain good self-esteem. By resting in a positive frame of mind it helps the brain to build stronger positive neurological pathways that should continue to strengthen over time. This process helps our minds to view the world and our experiences in a more positive manner.

Thank you so much for joining me here over the last 6 weeks. I wanted to create some simple mindful practices that with only a small adjustment you could encorporate in to your everyday lives. I hope that you have managed to find some techniques that may help you to live more mindfully. Let me know how you got on in the comments. I hope you can continue to use these practices in your daily lives.

With Thankfulness

Zoe Lou x

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