Would you like to make friends with some mood enhancing food swaps?

Photo Credit Monika Grabkowska

Do you feel sluggish, have low energy levels, low mood or just feel that you need to add a bit of vibrancy to your mind and body? 

We’ve all heard the saying you are what you eat. When we think of this saying we generally relate it to our physical self that relates to our appearance and especially to weight. However what about the glorious foods that can help to boost our minds which over time can help to improve our mood and wellbeing. Now we are all creatures of habit and setting to a whole new emotional diet plan is a little overwhelming, it wreaks of failure from the offset and therefore leads to the opposite set of emotions we are aiming for here, largely including failure, disappointment and anxiety. Of course there are a whole host of foods that will definetly do

your mind, body and soul a world of wonders however first of all lets opt to make just x3 realistic small daily changes that can be easily substituted for things you are already doing.  

Why make these changes? 

  • First of all this could help you to feel much better in yourself 
  • It can work to changing our brains neurological pathways in a positive way 
  • It may make you make better decisions on throughout the day 
  • It helps to maintain energy levels throughout the day

So let’s get to and make these simple swaps;

1- Swap your morning coffee for a mug of green tea. 

Why? Drinking green tea improves our serotonine levels, this chemical has a direct link between the digestive system and the brain and regulates our emotional self, happiness and optimism. Green tea contains the mood enhancing nutrient L-Theanine which has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety. It also contains a small amount of caffeine for that morning boost. 

2- Swap your morning cereal for porridge oats and pumpkin seeds 

Why? Porridge oats contain release their energy slowly in to your blood stream meaning that this helps to keep your mood at a much more constant level. Cereals high in sugar can make you have a surge of energy and increased mood which can make you feel great for a short period of time, however the downside is that once this level comes down your body can plummet with a crash leading to very low energy and mood, We often then look for the next quick sugary pick me up. Porridge oats contain selenium which is said to promote mood boosting.

Now top it with a scattering of wonder seeds that are pumpkin seeds, they are full of a whole host of vitamins and minerals that can help reduce stress, anxiety an depression. They also help in the production of serotonin that gives us our happy vibes. What an amazing seed!

3- Swap your evening cup of tea for a mug of chamomile tea. 

Why? Chamomile tea also contains the calming antioxidant apigenin which has been shown to reduce anxiety, reduce stress, initiate calmness and aid sleep. It is naturally caffeine free so an ideal evening or bedtime brew to calm the nervous system and promote relaxation and restfulness. 

To take this to another level try including my tastefulness mindfulness practice or deliciousness minfulness practice into your daily eating routine for more focus and calmness around meal times. 

Happy mood enhancing

Zoe Lou x

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